Paola Rosalba Russo is an Italian aesthetic doctor which specialty is in botulinum toxin injection. She has been teaching since 2000 and now she is the vice president of SIES, a scientific aesthetic medicine committee in Italy. She had a dream to become a speaker on international congresses and through SWAM’s seminars, she had reached that dream.

1. How long have you been in this aesthetic industry?
I have been working in this sector since 1992.

2. At first, what makes you attracted to this field?
When I started working, the first thing that attracted me were collagen injections to reduce wrinkles and peeling (glycholic acid).

3. You have been teaching about botox and injection techniques since 2000, do you enjoy teaching?
I enjoy teaching very much. I started teaching these techniques at the beginning of the century when botox injections were not very well known. It was initially difficult but in 2004 when Allergan received authorization for this botox treatment, everything became easier.

4. You are a member of SIES, what organization it is and what are your activities there?
I am the vice-president of SIES, which is a scientific committee for aesthetic medicine in Italy. SIES organizes one of the most important aesthetic congress annually in Bologna. My activities here are organizing scientific sessions and inviting world’s famous doctors as speakers on the congress.

5. What is your biggest success so far?
My greatest success so far are the birth of HA and its use in aesthetic medicine world. I also develop Silhouette Soft threads which has changed the approach to this field. This procedure can eliminate individual wrinkle and give full face treatment. I started to collaborate with Q-Med in 1996 and until now I am still representing Galderma to give presentations about this treatment.

6. What is the most memorable surgery which you have ever done?
When I was still a trainee, I treated a woman for the amputation and reconstruction of her breast. It was such a touching experience when I witnessed the sadness of woman turned into happiness after she saw the results of our work.

7. A lot of young doctors don’t have enough experience and knowledge on the related field. Do you have tips about how to be informed and always up to date in this fast changing industry?
One important tip for young doctors is attending important congresses and enrolling as many training courses as possible. Don’t forget that we are all doctors who have to upgrade ourselves and money is the second thing compared to knowledge.

8. When you were young and inexperienced, what are the things you do to be a better doctor?
When I started to be a doctor, it was not possible to attend a lot of courses because it was not even existed. However, I always strived to give my very best to the patients. Therefore, I enrolled at the faculty of aesthetic medicine in Rome and attended a course of general surgery at Modena University. By doing these things, I can train myself better.

9. Is there any limitation or code of conduct in your field? If yes, have you ever reject a patients because of it?
It is very important to reject some patients who try to get unachievable result. Exaggerations could lead to something bad.

10. What are your impressions of SWAM’s events?
It was a great honour to be invited to SWAM. I learnt a lot from it and I do hope to attend it again on the following years.