About Us

What is SWAM?

SWAM is an aesthetic medicine-themed seminar and workshop which targets are doctors. If you are a doctor who wants to upgrade your knowledge about aesthetic and medicine development, this is the right event for you. In this international seminar and workshop, you can have a huge chance to meet a lot of people who work in the medical industry. There are approximately 2.000 doctors every year attending SWAM, and you certainly want to meet all of them.

Who is PT PGM?

PT. Perdesti Global Medicom (PT PGM) was found on October 6th, 2015 following PERDESTI which has gained success in holding seminar events in the recent years. One of the events which is commonly organized is Seminar and Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine (SWAM), both in the Perdesti’s Center and Perdesti’s Branch.


In order to enrich the participants’ knowledge and skills, for instance physicians or medical specialist who have similar interest in the field of aesthetic, Indonesian Society for Aesthetics Medicine (PERDESTI) is honored to present a science event namely SWAM (Seminar and Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine).

In 2006, some members of PERDESTI were inspired to organize a national science event, so they held the first medical seminar in Surabaya. There were only 200 doctors attending the event at that time.

In the following year, PERDESTI arranged symposium in Jakarta. The event was held at Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta and was attended by more than 400 doctors.

With the development of the beauty industry, the increasing number of doctors who are interested in aesthetic and the high level of curiosity and hopes for increasing knowledge and skills, people were getting very enthusiastic about the annual seminar held by PERDESTI. Hundreds of doctors in Indonesia and vendors always pack the exhibition area, making the event become a highly-anticipated event every year.

Starting from 2010, the seminar and exhibition held by PERDESTI is called “Seminar and Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine” (SWAM).

This event turned out to get lots of compliments both from Indonesia and abroad and was attended by more than 2000 doctors and 3000 participants with non-medical backgrounds from all the regions of Indonesia . It was also supported by more than 100 sponsorships, making SWAM the most prestigious International event in Indonesia.

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