The winner of Best Abstract Award for Aesthetic Dermatology is ready to meet you on I-SWAM 2018!


Starting his study at Tohuku University School of Medicine under the Monbushi Scholarship, Dr. Lim is a talented physician with a diversified background. He continued his study and researches in Asian facial and body aesthetics, pigmentory disorders, laser medicine, and many more. Dr. Lim Ting Song is not only brilliant in his knowledge of aesthetic, but he is also a multilingual person. He speaks 4 languages, which are English, Mandarin, Malay, and Japanese fluently and has been a frequent speaker and trainer in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and China.


In 2017, Dr. Lim won an award titled Best Abstract Award for Aesthetic Dermatology with his presentation titled ‘Facial Overfilled Syndrome in Asia’. His winning was the first time in the history of Malaysian aesthetic physician who has won such prestigious award. The reason behind his winning presentation was a good concern to the effect of physician who overdoes botox and filler which makes the patient’s face looking like a ‘chipmunk’ or having a ‘pillow’ face or worse, the patient will have an overly-sharp shaped chin and distorted face. This fact brought him to write about this and he wanted to train people to recognise this syndrome, thus there would be no more people with artificial and overfilled faces.


Another achievement of Dr. Lim, he was awarded as the Best Clinical Case in Non-invasive Body Reshaping and Facial Rehabilitation at the 5th Anti-Aging Beauty Trophy in Monaco. Dr. Lim has also been credentialed by Ministry of Health Malaysia to receive the Letter of Credentialing & Privileging (LCP) as certified Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Malaysia. To conclude, Dr. Lim has a high hope there will be more people that entrust Malaysia as their top choice in seeking aesthetic treatments because he believes that Malaysia has a good command of English, technology, and expertise to offer.