Starting his first degree at Airlangga University, Dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja majored in the Medicine field. He continued his Master and PhD at Udayana University, focusing in Anti Aging Medicine which has been known as the pioneer of Medical Aesthetic Development. Dr. Teguh has a high hope and concern about the growth of aesthetic industry, particularly in Indonesia.


Therefore, in 2000, he established a clinic named Teta Aesthetic Clinic that took place in two biggest cities of Indonesia, Surabaya and Jakarta. The first Teta Aesthetic Clinic was opened at Surabaya and followed by big enthusiasm from aesthetic communities in the town. Teta Aesthetic Clinic have a vision and mission called “One Stop Aesthetic Clinic,” ensuring that you are able to have full treatment from the tip of your hair to toe in the hands of the professionals. Because of the success and high demands from the customers, Dr. Teguh widened his clinic and opened a new branch of Teta Aesthetic Clinic in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Moreover, he also attended and became the speaker on various national and international events. In 2006, Dr. Teguh and some aesthetic doctors joined in a community called PERDESTI and made a workshop called Seminar & Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine (SWAM) in Surabaya. The purpose of this event is to help people who are engaged in the field of aesthetic & anti-aging medicine to overcome their problem after joining the seminar. In the hands of the experts, now SWAM has become the third biggest event in Asia and has held various events all around Indonesia.