Frequently Asked Questions

  • SWAM is Seminar and Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine that discuss the latest material in aesthetic medicine world that related to daily practice
  • Meet aesthetic experts, IDI accreditation, Certificate, and goodie bag.
  • As a medical conference, only doctors who are interested in the aesthetics world can have access to the events
  • For international event, we are open for business person and nurse
  • We have two official website, to give you all information about SWAM events and SwamEvent for registration

If you have ever attended one of our events, you already have an account with us.

  • The other option you can reestablish your account with reset your password
  • If you wish to change or modify your personal information, email and address you may do so on your account. Once logged in, simply direct yourself to the “edit” icon.
  • You can contact us
  • You can pay by transfer to account number that listed on the web, or you can pay by credit card
  • For accomodations reservation you can contact Haryono Travel in number +62 82114433002
  • We’re so sorry that our SWAM event is not refundable. For further information you can contact us
  • The national conference open from 8 a.m until 6 p.m
  • The international conference open from 8 a.m until 7 p.m
  • After you register yourself in our SwamEvent, you will receive an e-mail in the form of payment terms. Then you are required to upload your transfer receipt to “payment confirmation” section in SwamEvent web or app. Then you will receive a barcode via e-mail. Finally, in the first day of the event, you can immediately self-print your badge by scanning the barcode.
  • You can contact the registration desk while attending the events
  • Certificate of attendance will be given to the attendees on the last day of the event. You can take it in the kit’s collection desk
  • For the national events the official language is Bahasa Indonesia.
  • For the international events language is English
  • All medical students and residents are welcome to attend SWAM events. During your registration, you will need to submit supporting documents such as a student card, stating your medical specialization as well ID.


Contact us :

National Via (+6285790842199)

International Novi (+6285931265599)

Sponsorship Vanda (+62)

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