A notable and influential Professor in Medical Field in Indonesia, Prof. Dr. dr. Abdul Razak Thaha is the person you shouldn’t miss!


Born in Tual, he started his first journey by studying at Hasanuddin University in Public Health. Then, he continued his master degree and his doctorate degree in Public Health field. With a great dedication towards education, Prof. Dr. dr. Abdul Razak Thaha decided to be a lecturer at Hasanuddin University, Makassar. He has been teaching and permitting a lot of students which makes him becoming one of the most influential professors in Medical field at Indonesia.


Besides teaching, Prof. Dr. dr. Abdul Razak Thaha has done and published various of researches supported by Indonesian government. Some of books he has published were about nutrition & child development. Not only did he create a lot of scientific works, but he also received various remarkable honors and recognition from Indonesian government. With these experiences and knowledge he has developed for years, Prof. Dr. dr. Abdul Razak Thaha is currently in the position as an institution leader of Public Health Education.