Renowned for his micro-invasive techniques, Prof. Luca Piovano is flying here to meet you on I-SWAM 2018!


Prof. Luca Piovano is known as the International Plastic Surgeon from Italy. He started his study in 1981 until 1995 and earned his degree at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” specializing in the MD Plastic Surgery. He then continued his study as a part of some of the most prestigious centers for Plastic Surgery in the world.


In 1988, he won the ‘Culture Award’ issued by the Italian Government. Moreover, Prof. Luca Piovano is internationally recognized as an authority on micro-invasive techniques and is also well-known for his clinic research into both established and innovative technologies and treatments, teaching, training and continuing professional development both in Italy and internationally.


Prof. Luca Piovano has been attending various of international event like IMCAS World Congress 2018 and also has become a member of some associations of plastic surgeon. Besides working as an International Plastic Surgeon, Prof. Luca Piovano is currently working freelance and being an active member of his respective associations.